Are you an experienced professional who loves to operate as a leader and give back to the community? Would you like to cash in years of hardearned expertise in exchange for greater autonomy, less busy work, and the chance to really make your mark?

PairHiring Ushers Industry Veterans To The Pinnacle Of Their Career

  • You’ve earned your stripes. At this stage, your deep practical knowledge is far more valuable than your grunt work. You still take joy in what you do, but there’s a deeper satisfaction to be had.
  • Imagine a new phase of your career where you get paid to mentor one [or more] industry newcomers who are trained, ready, and eager to launch new careers, but who lack real-world experience.
  • You’re the Pro., and they’re your Associate.
  • Your job is to oversee the start of their career as you work together for a company that has hired you as a Pair..
  • You work less and make more money. You mentor. You guide. You direct. You help ensure the quality of work while your less-experienced Associate. handles the bulk of the ‘doing.’
  • You are free to take on multiple concurrent roles, if you choose, so your income and influence can reach farther than ever before.
  • Most importantly, you get the deep reward of “paying it forward” by being an invaluable catalyst in someone else’s fledgling career.
  • Are you ready to accomplish more, while working less, and transferring a lifetime of earned wisdom to the next generation of talented professionals?
  • This is the culmination of a meaningful career.
    Ready to reap bigger rewards by empowering others?

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