Frequently Asked Questions

PairHiring is a networking platform for job seekers to form a Pair of Pro (experienced) and Associate (less or no experience) individuals and offer services (onsite/remote jobs) to End clients.

A team of Pro (experienced) and Associate (non/less-experienced) individuals, who connect and form a team on A pair applies a job together and works on project together.

Users can search and Connect for potential Pros/Associates to form a Pair. It is highly recommended to learn more about pro/associate via chat and calls on before forming a connection to make sure he/she is a right partner to work with.

An experienced individual (in a particular field/Skill) who is willing to partner with a less or non-experienced individual and provide services to an end-client while mentoring the partner associate. (Example: Java Developer, Business Analyst etc.)

A less or non-experienced individual (In a field/Skill) who is willing to partner with an experienced individual (Pro)and provide services to an End client.

Member is a user of the portal/application with limited access. Members can upgrade their Role to Pro, Associate and End-Client by updating their skills accordingly.
(Please note: A user cannot make connections to form a pair and cannot apply for Jobs unless he/she selects skills as a Pro or Associate.)

No, this portal is for both online and remote jobs

Admins and Hiring Manager with access to company page can Post a Job.Employees of End client should be able to request Sub-user/Hiring Manager Access to post the jobs, conduct hiring etc. Admins will get the notification to approve/reject the request.

Only Pairs can apply for jobs. Individual users cannot be able to apply for jobs.

Yes, if a Pro or Associate wants to apply for a Job, with different Associates or Pros then he/she should select the available associates from drop down.
(Note: A Pro or Associate can be a part of different Pair and can apply for the same job.)

No as the core concept of this solution is Pro-Associate Pair, therefore it is not allowed. However, once a Pair is hired, a client can let either Pro or Associate go as per their need.

You have two options; A) PairHiring platform- As per the Job contract terms once the hiring manager releases the payment Pros and Associates get paid in the respective bank account.
B) Third Party Payment Solutions- As per the hiring manager and Pro-Associate agreement.