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A Novel Recruitment With A New Kind Of Hiring

When seasoned experts are skillfully partnered with tomorrow’s rising talent and hired as a team everyone wins

Our Philosophy - We Believe :

  • Pairing a seasoned Pro with an entry-level Associate is the absolute best way for companies to fill open roles, reduce training time, guarantee excellence, and not overspend on payroll

  • Industry veterans are uniquely equipped to mentor them, guide them, and oversee the quality of their early work

  • Qualified candidates embarking on a new career deserve a chance

  • Our Process

  • This Is How We Build A Better Workforce

  • How It Works

    • At PairHiring, we curate Pro-Associate Pairs and match them to industry job openings at the same cost to the company as hiring one person.
    • The Pro (experienced veteran) and the Associate (qualified entry-level candidate) work closely together in a hands-on mentor/mentee dynamic.
    • The Pro directly oversees early projects and guides the Associate through the work, guaranteeing that all deliverables are held to the highest standard.
    • As the Associate develops consistency in his/her work and earns the confidence of their client, the Pro will gradually phase out of the team, leaving the Associate to fill the position long-term.
    • Associates work full-time, gain real-world experience, and grow to be indispensable, trusted members of their company.
    • Pros work fewer hours and are paid for their expertise rather than busy work, leaving them free to take on multiple projects for maximized income, diversify their accomplishments, or scale back their workload.
    • Companies get veteran-quality work, at entry-level cost, while fostering tomorrow’s industry experts at an accelerated pace.

    It All Happens In 4 Simple Steps:


    1. 1

      Sign up & create your profile, indicating skills, training, work history, and desired roles. Show us who you are and what you’re passionate about teaching/learning through PairHiring mentorship!

    2. 2

      Match with your ideal Pair partner by searching our database, comparing criteria and objectives, and interviewing each other to find the best fit! It’s not a match until you’re both excited about working together and committed to the journey!

    3. 3

      Apply for jobs as a Pair through the PairHiring marketplace.

    4. 4

      Land the job! and work together in a mentor/mentee capacity until the Associate is ready for complete autonomy!


    1. 1

      Sign up & create your company page

    2. 2

      Post job openings to be filled by Pairs, exactly as you would for individuals! Pairs are autonomous and self-organizing so you can think of them as one entity filling one position. List as many job openings as you like!

    3. 3

      Interview candidate Pairs and select the perfect Pro-Associate team for your opening. (We can help you understand how to interview a Pair and what to look for!)

    4. 4

      Let PairHiring handle the nittygritty! Onboarding, managing contracts, approving timesheets, and paying wages are all done by the PairHiring team.

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